Webinar: Creating Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

Leverage technology to actively engage students throughout Orientation and their First Year.

The college student orientation process serves to cement the relationship between enrolled students and your institution. Now, industry shifts, and generational preferences mean that your institution must adapt to create the same memorable, successful experiences for incoming students virtually. Join Wisr and Shanté Brown, Dean of First-Year Students at Wellesley College to learn first-hand what your 2021 Orientation & FYE program can achieve.

Download our on-demand webinar and the Wellesley College Case Study to learn how you can:

  • Create connectivity between enrolled students and your institution, establishing that sense of community that Gen Z expects.

  • Alleviate the load of higher education professionals through a managed platform.

  • Centralize digital content (info sessions, AMAs, virtual student mixers, embedded videos, chats, advisor connections, and more).

  • Use data to drive and target your efforts. We have the data and corollary patterns to maximize your efforts – we crunch the numbers; you see the results. 

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Wisr Supports the

Entire Student JOURNEY

Our virtual student onboarding technology starts before students have even committed to joining your institution and continues supporting your goals throughout their onboarding.



Now more than ever, prospective students want digital experiences and authentic peer interactions. With Wisr, you can show these students what makes your campus so special regardless of where they are located.



The industry has changed, and the rules of years past have gone. Now, it’s more important than ever that you build a sense of belonging with incoming students to ensure they commit to your institution — and not a competitor.

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Onboarding is critical and is now more than a single day or weekend. Don’t risk losing your new students to another institution — keep them engaged with virtual help from their peers and others so they get the guidance they need.

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"As we tried to curate a set of admitted student experiences in the wake of COVID-19, Wisr's flexible platform provided a personalized engagement community to each admit and we are seeing those connections grow with each passing day."

Jessica Ricker, Director of Admission, Wellesley College


Delivering Success Beyond Technology Alone


Creating a successful virtual student onboarding experience requires more than the tools you use to build it. It requires getting the support you need, right when you need it. It requires getting best-in-class recommendations and strategic advice to make the most out of your network. And it requires a commitment to speed and service that can’t be matched anywhere else. At Wisr, all this and more comes standard with every new relationship.