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Wisr helps you talk to UChicago alumni who have jobs you find interesting. Every alum in the system wants to help you get a job and has already volunteered to give career advice.


Make an account with just one click via your LinkedIn account ( or sign up with your email address). Making your profile should only take a few minutes.


Search thousands UChicago alumni by name, job title, company, industry, graduation year, and location to find advisors who can give you relevant career advice.


When you find an alum you want to talk to, send a message or request an advisory call through the platform (don't worry, we help with this part).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is UChicagoWisr different from an alumni directory?

Yes! UChicagoWisr is opt-in for alumni. All alumni in the system have already volunteered to advise current UChicago students, and they're usually really excited when a student reaches out for advice. 


What happens after I make a profile?

As soon as you finish your profile you can start reaching out to alumni you want to talk with. Messaging, calls, and email support are all built in to UChicagoWisr, so you never have to exchange personal contact info. As soon as you find an alum you want to talk to, you can send a message or request a call. It's 100% ok to request a call before you talk to an alum - they're expecting it. We'll even recommend some alumni to help you get started.

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You can also explore industry groups to find advisors. For example, if you're interested in architecture, you can view the architecture industry and see all alumni in the network who work in or who studied architecture. If you're interested in connecting with alumni who share similar activities, interests, or affinities, you can join communities like the one for first-gen students or the one for those interested in politics.


What kinds of things can UChicagoWisr help with?

  • Learning about different career paths by talking to alumni who've experienced them
  • Networking to find jobs or internships (most of the alumni in the network are happy to help with this)
  • Learning about cities you might work in for a summer or after you graduate
  • Learning about grad schools
  • Deciding what to major in based on your career and academic interests
  • Selecting classes and professors