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It's a stressful time for everyone to say the least. Join Wisr every day at 9am and 12pm ET for a 20 minute desk yoga and breathing session with seasoned yoga instructor Jill DiNucci.

These daily webinars are free and open to anyone in higher ed. We encourage you to set aside 20 min each day to take a deep breath and focus on yourself.
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Jill DiNucci Bio:

jill_headshot_circleTen years ago I was competing on the basketball court at the collegiate level at the University of Chicago. Now, I honor my deep appreciation for a non-competitive, yet challenging, sweat on my yoga mat and during the classes I lead at CorePower Yoga in Chicago. As a certified yoga instructor since 2015, my priority is creating a judgement-free environment in and out of the studio, and I am firmly rooted in the belief that we are all capable of strengthening our minds as much as our bodies through breath and movement.